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SassyTwenties is a unique lifestyle driven creative lab + online boutique based in Seattle. The organization was founded since 2004, but officially launched in 2008 with a mission to connect with people around the globe to immerse by re-creating it's own swag, making history by creating it's own story, be empowered by being true + authentic within a lifestyle driven brand amongst the hospitality, fashion + beauty sectors.

our motto: re-immerse yourself by re-creating your own swag. one swag at a time.




studio agency specializing in digital media and influencer collaboration that bring a unique, cross-media approach to delivering effective communication solutions with an experienced team across digital, social media, publicity and content creation.


I Kreate Style
Baby Moon





JK Wireless
J Mobile
Moon Apparel


thadoN kickz
Packed Made


Tenshi Beauté 
Kostbar Beauty Group