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SassyTwenties is a unique lifestyle driven creative lab + online boutique based in Seattle. The organization was founded since 2004, but officially launched in 2008 with a mission to connect with people around the globe to immerse by re-creating it's own swag, making history by creating it's own story, be empowered by being true + authentic within a lifestyle driven brand amongst the hospitality, fashion + beauty sectors.

our motto: re-immerse yourself by re-creating your own swag. one swag at a time.

SassyTwenties Plush Luxury Heartchu Beanie Sweater Headband


SassyTwenties Plush Luxury Heartchu Beanie Sweater Headband


SassyTwenties Plush Luxury Heartchu Beanie Sweater Headband

24.00 75.00

SassyTwenties handmade crafted thick and plush luxe heartchu "Sweater Beanie" headband is here to stay and keep you or someone you love super cozy, warm with love and not to mention how soft and light it feels. 

This fabric is SUPER comfy and warm! Medium weight, sweater knit material, very stretchy. Perfect for looking stylish and keeping warm all winter! This one size fit all and it’s made with a ton of love. Why not be stylist and chic while staying warm?

Designed and crafted with love and kindness. There will not be any identical item due to the handcraft finishes.

Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry / hand wash and dry / dry-clean.

Made in Seattle

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