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SassyTwenties is a unique lifestyle driven creative lab + online boutique based in Seattle. The organization was founded since 2004, but officially launched in 2008 with a mission to connect with people around the globe to immerse by re-creating it's own swag, making history by creating it's own story, be empowered by being true + authentic within a lifestyle driven brand amongst the hospitality, fashion + beauty sectors.

our motto: re-immerse yourself by re-creating your own swag. one swag at a time.

Behind the Scene


Caroline was born in Seattle and raised in a small community called Magnolia. She hosted her very first fashion runway at home at the age of 6 where she aesthetically glam and styled her two younger brothers and directed them to walk and strike poses in dresses while she acted as the creative director/photographer. 

Caroline had always had a goal set in mind and that was to be unique and different in life without having to be black, white and gray. She wanted to recreate fashion in a way where life and style is merged with our everyday life. She believes that style should be represented in a form of expression through visual arts and content whereas our mood and swags should be merged to identify who we are at the moment in time in a form of expression.

Her education background in medical, business, real estate, interactive media, beauty and fashion have given her the credentials, while her diversify expertise amongst the fortune 50-500 companies within finance, banking, telecom, real estate, cosmetics, hospitality, education and staffing holding leadership roles have crafted her blend on business and passion for creation to create SassyTwenties.

John was born and raised in a small community, north of Seattle.  He was heavily involved in politic and engaging with social network gatherings early on during childhood. Due to his father starting the first Korean society chamber and mother started the first Women Korean American society chamber in the PNW area whereas he had learn how to be a socialite leader within the community at a young age.

John had always wanted to make a difference in life and contribute to humanity in a way like no others by engaging his thought process through arts and digital media. He is a visual storyteller and executor who will take it and run with it. 

His education and career backgrounds revolve around retail, banking, finances, technology and business ventures, which have given him a successful and solid confidence to continue to strive further.